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At Lirel Holdings, our goal is to help our clients grow by providing one-on-one consultancy. It's that simple. We offer custom marketing and IT services that help solve each client's unique challenges.

By combining out-of-the-box thinking, wide knowledge of technological developments, and useful tools, we give our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace and set their brand apart from competitors.

"Our job is to make your job easier!"


Information Technology services

IT services are based uniquely around what the individual customer needs.

Often companies get the benefits of IT services without realizing what is happening beneath the surface - basic and essential business operations like marketing, sales, and customer care are carried out using the IT systems and as such they are critical to the success of any business.

At Lirel, we will create for you the most suitable infrastructure for the characteristics of your organization. Our vast expertise in knowing the what the market has to offer, means we will find the most advanced and efficient IT solutions that compliment your business Part of the strategy is to work with you to build a comprehensive IT infrastructure beginning with design and the planning stage to delivery. At Lirel we will advise on solutions to specific problems and we provide you with the tools that will help you implement those solutions.

Our mission is to provide you with IT services that accurately meet your needs, using wisely the resources available to you and striving to provide you with a full return on your investment in the project. For us, a quality IT system is one that will be both efficient and cost-effective for you.

Among the systems we provide for you:




Marketing tools


VOIP telephonia


Internet plans


Business Intelligence


Affiliate systems


Accountancy and pay roll software


And lots more

Marketing & Branding services

How Lirel helps you:

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Our real expertise is in the offline, old-fashioned ways of expanding your business. It is affiliate marketing – but in the old fashioned sense. Begin building offline and then our team of experts can help you move into the online to maximise your marketing potential.

viral marketing

Viral Marketing

It doesn’t need to be online only. In our opinion, many businesses miss out on the “low hanging fruit." Using multi-level-marketing techniques and good old fashioned face-to-face meetings, we will help you get your company to where it needs to be.

multi level marketing

Multi Level Marketing

Our Expertise – building your offline referral and affiliate network along with Multi Level Marketing.

Our 7 step process to successful viral marketing:

We help you define what business success means to you. Image titled Succeed in Multi Level Marketing Step 2.

  1. Together we create a schedule for multi-level marketing success.
  2. Take advantage of the training that other companies in your industry provide.
  3. Utilize the professionally designed online and offline sales and marketing tools that we provide you.
  4. Attend networking events to meet people interested or presently working in your industry.
  5. Showcase your company online and on social media. Positive Future Consulting are experts in this field!
  6. Use social networking websites to promote your business.
  7. Other auxiliary services offered by Lirel Holdings Ltd.

We strongly believe that in order to be successful in your referral business you need to have all your online and offline eggs in the line. So we provide all services (or can point you in the right direction) to ensure you have A-Z in your marketing needs.

website services

Website Services

We can help you build custom websites to give you a distinct digital presence that is good-looking while increasing sales conversions.

creative services

Creative Services

Every brand is unique. Every industry is unique. Let us help you bring your brand to life with creative designs that leave your clients wanting to hear more.

social media management

Social Media Management

We help businesses leverage their social platforms to generate more leads and deliver consistent branding across channels – specifically aimed towards supporting your offline referral business.

We provide customisation, expertise, advice, and quality in what we do

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